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Dec 27, 2012 4:00pm EST
the looming fiscal cliff, at least based on what they were saying. still, with so much uncertainty in washington, what will the markets look like tomorrow? let's break it all down. so, lots of market expectations on a deal. some good, some bad. alan, why don't you give your expectations on how you think stocks are going to open up tomorrow, based on what we have heard so far today? >> well, i thought it was an amazing come back we saw today. we you have a the bonds up half a percent, so, the safety buying was not sustained. we saw the market come all the way back and apple moved positive. i'm rather optimistic. we went up 5% in the s&p, going into this. going into this week. and i think that you've got to realize, this is the most analyzed fiscal situation in the history of the world. so, this is not a surprise. i'm still very positive. i'm looking for the s&p to rally, 130 points, which was the distance of that selloff that we saw to get up to 1600 once again and i look for it to go higher. >> jim, the house reconvenes sunday night. the senate squabbling right now. the president's
Dec 28, 2012 4:00pm EST
ago with three days to go before we go over that proverbial fiscal cliff. they are meeting with the president and the treasury secretary timothy geithner, and they are trying to hash out a deal. but reports that the president has nothing new on the table has ended up spooking wall street in a big way just in the last hour, and as bill said we finished down near the lows of the day, down about 157 points for the dow. settling up right now. down what, about 165 at the very low, bill? >> i think so, yes. >> and the nasdaq finishing down 25 points and the s&p off by 15, a fifth straight day in the red. well, it is the last friday of 2012. it's in the books. check. still no deal in sight and no new offer either on the table from the president as eamon javers told us a little while ago. what now for the markets? we have our guests and our very own rick sell sebak with us. rick, let me get to you, first of all, because you're here on the set. what now for the markets? >> what now for the markets? it's going to be up or down dramatically which makes it challenging for all investors
Dec 26, 2012 4:00pm EST
his hawaiian holiday in order to get back to negotiating a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff but at this point the gop leadership in the house has yet to call its people back. they said they would give him a 48-hour notice, and that hasn't happened yet so at least two days out we're not expecting the house to come back. >> and bad weather as well which might make it tricky. meantime, former presidential candidate and governor of vermont howard dean says going over the fiscal cliff is the responsible thing to do. river twice research president zach cashal says going over won't be a big deal. both are cnbc contributors. welcome back to the show. governor dean, you said going over the cliff would be a responsible thing to do. >> a very interesting discussion we're having here. what i don't see is what wall street has been criticized for lacking for so long is any long-term perspective. let's just say we have two quarters of recession as the cbo says we will, which i think is likely. what we don't say is what's going tonight long-term consequence of leaving things the way they ar
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3